Regarding Angela Peri, Owner & Casting Director at BC

Wanted to say THANKS for a great workshop. My son got the lead part in a school performance just a couple days later.  I am sure Angela’s awesome tips helped him a lot! She was very down to earth and you could tell the kids felt really comfortable there. My son had fun and I hope we can make another class someday soon.

Natasha C.
Regarding Ann Baker, Acting for Commercials instructor

I enrolled in both of Ann Baker’s Commercial Acting classes without having any experience on camera. And yet not long after, I started getting both commercial and print jobs. There is no doubt that her clear, concise and consistent approach in her instruction was the reason for my good fortune. A few years later, I returned to get some personal coaching from Ann to be an on-air tv host. And not long after, I secured the role as a host of a national television show on PBS. What can I say? Ann is the best!

Stephen Chung, Host, “Cool Spaces: The Best New Architecture on PBS”*
Regarding Jennifer Salvucci, Kids/Teens and Adult acting coach

If you’re curious about performing in front of the camera, then Screen Acting 101 is a must. Jen’s demeanor and teaching techniques separate her from the others. Jen helped instill confidence in what ability I have to take the necessary steps in nailing my auditions, and booking the job. Within one month of finishing class, I landed my first supporting role on my first audition! Something I’m positive would not have happened if not for this class. Thank you, Jen!

Patrick L.
Regarding Lorna Brunelle, Kids/Teens acting coach

My son has been taking acting classes with Lorna Brunelle for several months.  She has a true gift for working with children.  Lorna is very enthusiastic and encouraging with all of her students.  She creates a fun and comfortable environment where they are free to learn, take risks and express themselves.  She has a wealth of knowledge about the industry and is always a great resource on the many aspects of acting, modeling and singing.  Most importantly my son loves going to class!  Lorna has opened up opportunities for him that we didn’t know existed.

Linda R
Regarding Lynda Robinson, Teen & Adult acting coach

There hasn’t been a break from the work I have been finding.  Every so often when I’m getting all of these jobs I look back at where I came from and I hear Lynda saying “Make a decision, what is at stake?!”  You have been my biggest influence as a teacher.  I hope I make you proud!

Justin D.
Regarding Sonny Dufault, Voice Over instructor

“I just wanted to thank you for the class.  I had been looking at your class for some time and was really looking forward to it.  I thought I was just going to slow it down a bit and not be so hyper, but I learned so much more than that.  Fast is good as long as it doesn’t sound fast, energy is good, of course if you don’t stumble with it!  All this along with your tips and tools made this class so worth it! 

Nancy R
Regarding Charlie Van Eman, adult acting coach

I have taken multiple classes with Charlie at Boston Casting. In each course, I was taught the skills to enhance my acting. He gave us techniques of the trade, the inside scoop of Hollywood, and other valuable advice for new actors. I liked the environment Charlie created in our class: encouraging, supportive, and the creative freedom to push our boundaries as actors. He let us create characters and gave direction to see them in a new light. I’d highly recommend a class with Charlie—I can’t wait for the next one!

Holly W.
Regarding Lorna Brunelle

Every Casting Director, teacher, and coach I've ever spoken to, has expressed the importance of Improv. I recently took Lorna Brunelle's Commercial and Improv class, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Lorna was supportive in helping me gain the confidence I needed to improv. In fact, while taking Lorna's class, I was fortunate enough to audition for a major motion picture. Lorna took her own personal time to help me prepare for the role in which I was later offered. Best of all, during filming, the director asked me to go off book and totally improv my scene in dialogue with a major "A" list actor. Had it not been for Lorna's class, I may have lacked the confidence needed to complete the scene. Thank you so much Lorna !  

Patrick L.