Private Coaching

Have an audition coming up? Want to hone your public speaking skills, try your hand at voice-over work, or master your script? Sign up for private coaching with one of our top acting coaches and get the one-on-one exposure you need to prepare for an audition, a production, or just to brush up on and improve your acting skills.



Working in film, television, and theatrical communities, Ann is a seasoned casting director with 30+ years of experience.  She specializes in coaching beginner and advanced on-camera commercial technique.


With over two decades of experience in the field, Richard is a graduate of Empire Cosmetology Academy in Boston and was a makeup artist at MAC cosmetics.  A model and actor with Model Club, Inc., Richard has appeared in regional commercials and national campaigns.  He worked for WKRON TV (Channel 4) on the shows Hyper-Tech and First Cut as a makeup artist in San Francisco.  While in San Francisco, Richard was the makeup artist and hair stylist for Ragamuff Productions.
Richard has been an image consultant for girls competing in the Miss America and Miss USA pageant systems, as well as working one on one with actors and business professionals.  Richard helps people unleash their confidence and full potential.


Lorna offers a variety of private coaching opportunities, including interview and audition prep, acting, and singing. To learn more, visit our faculty page.  You may schedule an appointment with Lorna directly at

  • Availability: Saturdays before 10am and after 2pm. Please contact Brittany at to schedule a lesson
  • Ages: 5 to adult


Lynda has been working in theater, film, and TV for the past 30 years as an actor, director, producer, teacher, and playwright. As a private coach, she offers instruction in both on-camera and theater work. For a full bio, visit our faculty page.


Jennifer is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was a professional actress and children’s acting coach in the Los Angeles area for six years prior to returning to the Boston. With an interest in improvisation, she offers private coaching in audition technique, as well as in film, theater, and commercial work.  For a full bio, visit our faculty page.


Fran is one of the Boston area’s best-known private acting and audition coaches, as well as a teacher, workshop leader, and an award-winning director. Her clients attend and are graduates of the country’s top undergraduate and graduate performance programs. They can be seen on-and off-Broadway, in films and television, and on stages throughout New England and across the country.

*  Availability: Please contact Brittany at to schedule a lesson